Reopen - Campaign fails due to Extended Targeting Option error

Update May 9 2017

The problem with Extended Targeting Option error occurred again and Facebook is currently working to fix it.

You can now follow the bug on Facebook here:

We are waiting for a solution on Facebook side to ensure your campaigns are properly published. 




Update 23/12/2016

Our developers found a way to exclude all the Ad Accounts not currently enabled to the new feature and unblock the campaigns publication stuck until now.
If you have failed campaigns for this bug they can be published now, you only need to reach again Step 5 of the campaign’s creation and click on the publish button.

The problem of Ad Accounts non-whitelisted hasn't be solved yet and is still "working-on" on Facebook side, but the campaign's creation is back to  being usable.

Thank you for your patience,

AE team



Some Ad Accounts are encountering this error during publication

Extended Targeting Option error: Facebook is currently experiencing an error connected to the extended targeting option. We are in contact with them to have this problem solved for you as soon as possible. You can stay updated here:

this is due to the lacking of permissions that should have been granted by default from Facebook. Due to this, during the AdSet creation of your campaigns, AdEspresso has been receiving errors about the expanded interest option of the targeting optimization field (whenever this box is checked or not).

AdEspresso app has been whitelisted for this advanced option and all his users should be able to benefit from this new Facebook option, however for some Ad Accounts this didn't happen successfully.

We have an open discussion with Facebook rep that are double-checking the settings for the customers that have been affected by this bug.

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    Glen Robertson

    signed up earlier and already problems, not a good start :/

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    Hi Glen,
    Unfortunately this issue is not connected to AdEspresso itself, but to Facebook APIs.
    I'm glad to inform you that our developers found a patch meanwhile waiting for Facebook fix.