Targeting Intersect

When you are setting up your targeting inside of AdEspresso, you can now intersect groups of interests, demographics, behaviors and categories. This is a powerful way to fine tune your audience as now you can choose to include or exclude specific demographics, behaviors, and interests to find the perfect audience for your ads.

To use this feature, simply create your audience in the Asset Manager or directly during campaign creation in Step 3. You will be able to include interests, demographics, behaviors and categories from the new detailed targeting search bar.


or to exclude them!


You'll also find suggestions based on what you have selected by clicking on the lightbulb on the right:


If you wish to split test interests, behaviors or categories, you need only keep them in one "group", use the "or" coordinator



Then, based on what you chose to split test, you can select to run a split test on "interests" or "behaviors" or "categories" from the "Proceed" pop up at Step 3. 


Not sure who to target? Check out our Facebook Ads Targeting Blueprint course in the AdEspresso University to learn how to find the perfect audience for your Facebook Advertising campaigns, or view our collection of articles on the blog

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