In-stream Video Ads

Are you targeting people who enjoy watching Video on Facebook? in-stream video ads are the right choice for your advertising strategy!

Let's see them more in detail:

The in-stream video advertising placement allows advertisers to deliver 5-15 second mid-roll video ads. 

In-stream Video Ads are placed right in the middle of a video.

People watching videos on Facebook are the perfect target for In-stream Video Ads! In-stream video targeting is audience-based, and viewers of the same video on Facebook may see different ads depending on their interests. All targeting options are supported by in-stream ads.  

In-stream ads are available for the External Website, Brand Awareness objectives. This type of Ads are the right ones for publishers who need to deliver a complex messages.

How can I create an In-stream Video Ad with AdEspresso?
The first step to be able to select In-stream Video Ad placement is to choose the objective that supports it at the very beginning of the campaign creation, you can choose among External Website and Brand Awareness objective.


then upload a video you would like to be shown in-stream on the second step if Campaign Creation:


select the In-stream placement you prefer choosing between Desktop In-stream Video and Mobile In-stream Video (you can also opt for both of them):



and the game is done, you can go on creating your perfect advertising campaign! 


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