How to use Ads Templates (Acquisio)

Acquisio developed Ad Templates to save you time when setting up campaigns to use only your best ads. This guide will go over how to create your Ad Templates and how to use them in your campaigns. 


Creating the Ad Templates

Looking to create an Ad Template? This can be done using the Asset Manager tool found in the Tools menu. Once you arrive at the asset manager, click on the green "New Asset" button on the right, and then click "Create Ad Template". 


Once you click on "Create New Ad Template", you'll see the ad template screen pop-up where you can select which ad type you would like to use. Choose from Link Ad, Lead Ad, Mobile Ad, or a Post Promotion Ad.


For this example, we're going to create a Link Ad. Once you select your ad type, click on Next to set up the creatives for your ad.



You will be able to specify the creatives for your ad from this window and save your Ad Template. Once you are done and have saved your first Ad Template, you can load it up into your next campaign!

Using the Ad Templates in your Campaign

To use your new ad templates, simply create a new campaign. Once you reach Step 2: Ads Design, you'll see at the very top of the screen two options: Create All Permutations or Test Ad Templates. You'll want to select to Test Ad Templates to choose specific template(s) you created using the asset manager in your new campaign.


And you're all set!

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