Connect Your Facebook Account

The first step to start using AdEspresso is to connect your Facebook Account.  We need you to connect your Facebook account in order to manage your advertising, publish your ads and get statistics. Without the connection you, won't be able to use AdEspresso. After you login you'll see the following page:

AdEspresso is a
Facebook Marketing Partner. Unlike other tools where you cannot be sure who you're dealing with, we're an approved Facebook's partner. Over the years we've proved to be a reliable, trustworthy partner and we've managed millions of dollars in Facebook Advertising.

We won't touch your existing Facebook campaigns. We'll import them (if you choose to import them) but unless you perform actions on them, AdEspresso won't make any change automatically.

We won't publish anything on your wall or on your Facebook pages automatically. Never, ever. We do require you to grant us permission to publish on your Facebook pages for a very specific reason: Ads are simply Facebook page posts that gets promoted. In order to create your ads we need this permission. Nothing else will be published on your page. Only your Ads.

After you've connected your account:

Once you've confirmed the authorization to access your account you'll be prompted to select which advertising accounts you want to manage with AdEspresso

Simply select all the accounts you want to connect and if you want to enable or not import of existing campaigns in AdEspresso. Please note that, ad of now, we'll only import active/running campaigns. We'll soon lift this limit and you'll be able to import all of them.

The import usually requires between 5 and 30 minutes, then you'll be ready to go.

It's now time to create your first campaign!

Common Problems:

When connecting your Facebook Account to AdEspresso, sometimes, you may encounter problems.

Here are the two most common:
  1. The account is already connected to AdEspresso: A Facebook account can only be connected to one AdEspresso user. If you already did a Trial period with AdEspresso we don't allow the creation of another trial. Contact Us and we may grant you a trial extension to your original account. If you're working with an agency they may be using AdEspresso as well. Contact Us and we'll sort it out!

  2. Unexpected Error: This usually means that Facebook has a temporary glitch. Usually simply retrying after 10/20 minutes will do the job. If not let us know and we'll try to figure out the problem.

  3. I don't want to connect my FB profile: Unfortunately, this is necessary. You need to be a "real person" on FB in order to create and manage ads, so you need to connect your account in order to use AdEspresso. We are a social marketing tool so we only use your identity for campaigns (no friend list, no message access etc.) but we still need you to accept Facebook permissions as a user and you cannot do that via the pages you manage.
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