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Creating a Video Ad in AdEspresso is an option for you under "External Website." Where you upload your images for a normal ad, you will see a "switch to video" button, you can click that to turn the campaign into a video campaign! You can upload a new video or select a video from your gallery.

Note: If your video is over 60 seconds long, you will want to remove instagram as a placement for the campaign in the preview & placement section first to ensure the upload is successful!

After that, you'll be able to upload your video, select the thumbnail for the video, or upload a custom thumbnail image. You can click "add video" to run a split test between one or more videos to gather data on what video converts at the best cost to you. 


Once you have sent your campaign live, you can see all of the analytics on how your video ad is performing right under the Relevance and Engagement box of your campaigns' dashboard!



Q. Can I create a custom audience based on views from my video?

A. Yes! You can set this up during campaign creation, inside the video upload section. Be sure to "check" the box for this option. 

 Q. I'd like to include closed captioning/ srt file in my video ad. How can I do this?

A. Yes, this is now possible! When uploading your video in Step 2 of campaign creation, you’ll see a small icon on the bottom right of the thumbnail, just click on it to add your .srt file. Please mind that you need be logged on Facebook with a FB user that has admin permissions over the ad account to be able to add subtitles.


pop-up will appear asking you to upload your file. Please mind that you’ll need to name it according to the instructions reported (more info below!). You can also choose a backup language from the available ones, so if the people who are seeing your video do not match any of those you inserted, they’ll be able to see captions in the backup language (e.g. if you upload captions for IT and US, and you choose US as backup language, people outside Italy and the United States will see the US captions).


Please mind that .srt files will be linked to your video, not to your campaign, so you’ll be able to edit them but changing captions on a video will change them on every running campaign that uses that video. When editing your captions, just click on the small icon on the bottom right of the thumbnail, a pop up will appear showing your already added captions and giving you the possibility to delete them or add new ones.

Make sure to name your files in the right way, otherwise you won't be able to upload them, the correct format is: filename.[language code]_[country code].srt. For more info on how your language should be displayed, please check this article on FB Help Center.

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