Instagram Placement

Instagram is a placement within the ad types Website ("External Website" and "Brand Awareness"), Page ("Page Post"), and Application ("Mobile App Install", and "Mobile App Engagement"), so if you wish to set up an Instagram campaign, click on "new campaign" and then on the relevant ad type of your choice and you'll be able to set it up from there!

At step 2: ads design you can insert the creatives you want to use for the campaign, we would recommend you use a square image (1:1 ratio) as they look better on Instagram and make the most sense with the platforms organic content. If you use page post promotion, we suggest you to use posts with 1:1 ratio pictures.

If you'd like to create an Instagram video ad, just click the "switch to video" CTA next to the image upload section. 

The Instagram placement is set up at step 2: ads design inside of the Placement & Previews box. If you want the campaign to run on the desktop feed & Instagram, you can select these two options together from this section, else you can remove the placement for everything but Instagram to have the campaign run only there. 


Make sure that you select your Instagram account to be run as the campaigns Instagram account, right below the placement & previews box.  



Q. I don't see my Instagram account here.

Follow these instructions how how to connect your Instagram account to enable Instagram placement.

Q. I want to upload a video ad longer than 60 seconds for Instagram, but the upload fails. Why? 

A. The maximum length of time for a video on Instagram is 60 seconds, so you should make your video shorter for this placement. 

Q. I want to use a custom thumbnail for my video ad, but the image is being rejected. Why?

A. More than likely this occurs because the aspect ratio for the thumbnail and your video do not match. The photo's aspect ratio should be between 1.91:1 and 4:5 to be accepted.

Additional Information on Instagram are available at Facebook for Business

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