Updating Click definition

Facebook is updating the definition of Clicks and Cost Per Click (CPC) to only include clicks to websites and apps, and not likes, shares and comments anymore.

This update is intended to help advertisers better understand how their ads perform against their objective. It’s designed to provide measurement that’s more closely aligned with how advertisers are bidding so they can better optimize their campaigns against their stated goals. You will shortly find this change in Ads Manager and Power Editor as well.


Few info on the change:


How Click (and CPC) is measured until today:

Currently Click refers to any action taken within an ad unit: a like, a comment, a share, a click to a website, “continue reading,” etc. CPC is calculated by the Spent divided those clicks.


What’s will the definition of Click be from now on?

We’re updating Click to only account for “link clicks” (or “website clicks”), more specifically:

  • Clicks to visit another website

  • Clicks to install an App

  • Clicks to Facebook canvas apps

  • Clicks to view a video on another website

Once this change goes into effect, advertisers who care about link clicks are likely to see better return on advertising spend as the objective will be better defined.

On AdEspresso you will have reported the new Click and CPC values in place of the old ones from the 28 September 2015.  You will likely see an increase in CPC but this will be due to only counting the Website Clicks into those numbers.


What about the “other Clicks”? (Engagement clicks)

If an ad has lots of likes and shares, that’s a signal of high-quality content being delivered to the right people; this positive signal helps ads perform better at auction. You will find info about them on AdEspresso within the Engagement box as usual.




More info about this change is available on Facebook here.

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