Add or remove subusers from your AdEspresso account

Have multiple users in your company managing Facebook Ads? This is often the case with marketing agencies and we make it very easy to manage users in your AdEspresso account if you are using the Premium, Elite, or Diamond plans!  When you log into your account, you will first want to click "settings" in the top right corner.

From there you will see your account data and some links at the top, including the tab "Users Management". This is what you will need to click to be able to add/remove users.

To add a subuser, simply click on the 'Add New User' button.

When you click on the + Add new user button, you can add new users by entering their name and email address and defining certain roles for each ad account you have imported on AdEspresso.


None: This subuser will not be able to create campaigns or view any analytics for this ad account.

Management: This subuser will be able to create and manage campaigns as well as view the analytics for this ad account.

Analytics: This user will only be able to view analytics for this ad account and will not be able to create campaigns.

Once you add a user, they will receive an invitation via email to create an account. 

To edit permissions for a pre-existing subuser, simply click the gear icon next to the name of the subuser you wish to edit, change the permissions, and click save.
To remove a subuser entirely, simply click the red trash icon next to the subuser. 

Common Issues:

  • Email address for your subuser is in use? If the subuser you wish to create has an email address already in the AdEspresso system, you will get an error. Don't worry, just reach out to and we can fix that for you! 
  • Need to switch a subuser into a main user? Just login as the main user of your account, and delete the subuser you have that needs to be made into the main user. This will make that email address available in the system. Next, you need to go to your settings and click on "edit profile" and from there edit the email address of your account to be your desired ( previous subuser) address. From here, you can follow the usual steps to create a subuser from the previous main user or whomever you need! 
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