How to use Dayparting / Schedule Campaigns

In AdEspresso, there is a really great feature that allows you to pause a campaign for a designated period of time. This feature is called dayparting, and it is found on the Budget and Bidding section during the campaign creation process.


This is very useful for you if you are targeting a certain time zone because you can pause your campaign during the hours of which your target audience will be sleeping. It is also great for running promotions that only last a few hours each day. All you have to do is select the days and hours you would like for your campaign to be active. Do keep in mind though, that your campaign will be scheduled in your advertising account timezone.  You can add or edit your Dayparting after your campaign has been published by going to your campaign dashboard and selecting the pencil icon next to the Dayparting section. Simply add/edit your schedule and select Save when finished.
  1. If you pause your campaign from an external tool (ie: manually from Facebook) dayparting in AdEspresso could reactivate it so make sure to always check!
  2. Campaign will appear as Active on AdEspresso even during the "inactive hours" of the dayparting while on Facebook they will appear as paused.
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