Create a Custom Audience in AdEspresso

If you want to create a custom audience inside of AdEspresso, you can do so very easily. When you log in, click on the "tools" box and select "custom audiences" circled in red.

This will bring you to the custom audiences screen, where you can see populated any pre-existing custom audiences you have already built out. You have the options to create lookalike audiences, delete, or update the currently displayed custom audiences here. In order to create a new Custom Audience, click on the "Create Audience" button circled in red.

Clicking this will bring up a box that displays the different types of audiences you can create.

For the purposes of this post, we'll chose a Custom Audience from your Website, though it is just as simple to create any type of audience in AdEspresso. 

On the next screen you can select the pixel name, description, select the website traffic type, and most importantly: The remarketing pixel that you will need to install on your website for the audience to successfully build.  Do keep in mind that once your audience has been created, it wont be usable until it has at least 20 users in it as per Facebooks rule. Another thing to consider, is that in order for custom audiences to be created and used, you have to accept the Terms of Service from Facebook. You can do that here and here.

If you'd like more info on the terms of service, we have an article detailing that located here in our Knowledge Base. 


Looking for information on creating Lookalike Audiences? You can find that article here!


How many Custom Audiences can I create?
The maximum number of Custom Audiences per account vary by type. They are:
Standard Data File Custom Audiences: 500
Custom Audiences from your website: 10000
Mobile App Custom Audiences: 200
lookalike audiences: 500

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