Automatic Page Post Promotion

This feature makes it easier to automatically give a little more visibility to your posts, saving you tons of time! You can select what kind of posts you wish to promote and within few hours from when the new content is live, we will check if is promotable and eventually automatically create your ad. To get started with this, click "new campaign" -> "page" or "place" and then select "post" and from here you can set up the creatives for your new Automatic Page Post Campaign. 

You have few options available here. You can choose:

  • the post type you want to promote (Link posts, Status posts, Photo posts, Video posts or all of them!)
  • for how many days you want it to be promoted.

Moreover, you can decide also to:

  • promote posts that have only certain links (i.e. links to your website, not to somebody else's, or links to a section of your website, such as the blog page.
  • or you may want to boost successful posts which have shown a good organic reach, so you can choose to promote posts with more than a certain number of reactions (Likes, Shares, Comments).
  • or you can also choose to promote posts that have specific keywords. After selecting the Page, click on "Automatically promote Latest Post", select "Post text contains any of the following keywords" and type the words you would like to searched by! Click on "validate your filter" and the game is done!


Once the campaign is published, you can edit all the options of your Automatic Page Post Promotion campaign directly from your main Dashboard, under Campaign Details > Automatically promote by clicking on the grey little pencil on the right.


Please mind that the Link match follows your links: the system won't match the URL shortened link, but the final one.

For example, if my post contains the link (URL shortened of to have it promoted I must say:

Promote only posts with a link containing: adespresso

and NOT:

Promote only posts with a link containing: 

Note: Split Testing on target is disabled for Automatic Post promotion.



Q: How often are my new post checked?
A: Typically every couple of hours, but your ads may be created much earlier.

Q: Will my ads be active immediately?
A: They still need to go through the approval phase. Any ad that doesn't match FB ads rules will be disapproved (but your post will still get organic views).

Q. If my ads are disapproved, what happens to my original post?
A: Nothing, the rules for normal posts (not promoted) are very different and your post will remain published regardless of the disapproval of the Ad.

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