How can I add other Ad Accounts?

You can upload new Ad Accounts on AdEspresso from this page:

and it's as easy as a click! Just select the Add New Facebook Ad Accounts button, select which ad accounts you want to import into the system, and select the green button at the top.



If you can't find the Ad Accounts you are looking for, try following these steps:

  1. Logout from all your Facebook accounts.
  2. Logout from Adespresso (you can use this link: This is really important and will grant that we send a brand new request for connection.
  3. Login on AdEspresso and retry to add the Ad Account.

At this point, you will be asked to login on Facebook, please login with the user (business or personal) that has access to the specific Ad Account(s) you wish to add to AdEspresso. 

Important Sub-users cannot add other Ad Accounts, you must be a main user in order to be able to proceed with the import (Sub-users are available from Premium accounts onwards).


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