Creating your first Instagram campaign

There are few steps that you need to follow, let's see them together.

Important: If you haven't already added an Instagram account to your Business Manager you can follow our guide here!

Create your first Instagram campaign in AdEspresso

This is super easy as usual: on AdEspresso we have enabled Instagram ads for websites, so at Step 1 you need to go on the Website section and select External Website.

If you are promoting an Application, just switch to Application section.

Here we will go with a classic website promotion on Instagram.

At Step 2 you get to insert your data and you see your preview. You only have to select Instagram as a Placement and your ads will be displayed on Instagram channel. f you are looking for Instagram-only advertising, please remember to remove the other placements!

You can either use squared pictures (1:1) or landscaped ones (up to 1:1,91), our suggestion is to go with squared ones, especially if you are going with Instagram only: you will maximize your space (landscape pictures are smaller) and it definitely looks better on Instagram.

Wanna go with a video? You can.

Here is our result:

From Step 3 onwards, options are pretty much the same, you can even reuse one of your saved audiences and optimize for your usual goals.

Now, you only need to go with the publish button and you are done.

Compliments, you have just published your first Instagram campaign!


* You can also select a post from a Page/Place and promote that on Instagram Instagram-ready posts are market with a little icon next to the post name!

** More information about Instagram are available on Facebook for Business.


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