How can I copy a campaign?

When you have a campaign running, you may run into a situation where you'd like to make a copy of an existing campaign. This option at the moment is supported only for campaigns created through AdEspresso (not imported!) and you will find it directly on the campaigns dashboard.

Under the main graph of a campaign dashboard you'll find "copy campaign" button inside of the campaign details box on the left. 





Q. Can I copy ads or adsets?

A. Yes, this can be done from the all ads section of a specific campaign. This operation is discussed in depth in this article!


Q. Can I copy a campaign that is pending or a draft?

A. Yes, you can! You simply need to enter the url "*******"  and replace the ****** with the campaign ID numbers to have a copy generated of a campaign draft or that is pending, failed, or otherwise unpublished. Your campaign ID is the 7 digit number in the url of any campaigns you have created in AdEspresso. 


Q. What about my social proof?

A. As long as you are not editing your ads creatives, your social proof (likes, shares, comments!) will remain on the ads when you make a copy.





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