Solved - Create form for Lead Generation Campaigns doesn't load correctly

You were creating a new form for your campaign and you ended up with this error?

Sorry, this feature isn't available right now: An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later

This bud doesn't have a solution right now, we are working with Facebook to solve it as soon as possible.


In the meanwhile, you may need to create your form directly on Facebook: later on they will be easily available on AdEspresso as usual.



----- Update 2016/05/19 -----

The problem seems to have been recognised and our request has been set Under Investigation



----- Update 2016/05/28 -----

Due to the lack of updates, we reiterated the request looking for a more timed response.



----- Update 2016/06/06 -----

Thanks for Facebook support, our developers were able to successfully solve this issue.

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