Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is a campaign type that is quite similar to most other campaign types, with the difference being that you can now optimize for brand awareness!

You will only be able to create a Brand Awareness campaign on AdEspresso if your ad account supports the creation of brand awareness campaigns directly on Facebook. Just click on "Create Campaign" and you'll see it, as pictured:


Remember: If you do not see the brand awareness as an option, this is because the billing account you selected doesn't have access to it on Facebook. If you are sure you have access, make sure you are using the correct billing account.

The rest of creation is quite standard. The only other difference you'll note is at step 4: budget and bidding.



 You will notice that you can only optimize the campaign for brand awareness or for BRAND_AWARENESS or REACH. 

 Brand Awareness uses a combination of real-time proxy metrics, including both the reach and relative attention the users give to the campaign, to maximize ad recall lift. We introduced a new BRAND_AWARENESS objective and a new BRAND_AWARENESS optimization goal, provided more control with REACH optimization_goal, and added a new reporting metric. If you are curious about more details on how exactly brand awareness and ad recall are being measured, feel free to reach this article from Facebook.  

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