Moving Ad Account Ownership

When you subscribe to AdEspresso, you are prompted upon the first login to connect your Facebook User to AdEspresso. This is how AdEspresso allows you to manage your Facebook ad campaigns through our platform.  Sometimes, you may come into a situation where the Facebook user you have connected to your AdEspresso account is no longer with the company.

 If you wish to maintain the quality data collected for your campaigns by AdEspresso, you can move the ad account ownership following these steps.

If the data is less important to you, please skip to the bottom of this guide, as the process can be much quicker for you!  :) 


In this case, you will need to move the permissions for the ad accounts in your AdEspresso account with another Facebook user. There are a few steps involved with this but the process is overall quite simple. 


Step 1: The first thing that should happen is that you should find out which Facebook User you wish to manage the ad accounts, and make sure that this Facebook User has access to all of the ad accounts you need to manage. You can go here: to find all of the ad accounts you have associated with your Facebook User and make the new FB user you wish to use, admin of those ad accounts.


Step 2: The second step involved is that you need to connect the new Facebook User into your AdEspresso account, as we need to have it in our system in order to move everything!
To do this, you will need to add to AdEspresso a new ad account, it can be a "fake" or un-used ad account, we can delete it after the transfer has been completed. Not sure how to do it? Have a look here.
The important thing is that this new ad account needs to be managed by the new Facebook user you wish to have as owner in AdEspresso.

Step 3: The third step will have to be managed by support, feel free to drop us a line at and let us know the situation and which step you are on with this process and we'll manually move permissions from the old Facebook user to your new one! 



If you are fine with losing the historical data for your campaigns, you can do this much quicker by simply deleting the ad accounts you have connected to AdEspresso and re-importing them with a new Facebook user. 

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