08/21/2016 - What's new this week on AdEspresso? Discover it with this 7mins video!

3 new features! One has been directly suggested by you on our Facebook Group! If you are a University member, don't miss the chance to join us!

  • New column now available on All Campaigns and User/Account/Tag Dashboards: you'll now be able to see your single campaigns budget and its details (daily/lifetime);
  • You can now start Automatic Optimization or apply Rule Sets to multiple campaigns at once!
  • Mobile App: you'll be able to copy and paste the link to an App Store on AdEspresso, so you can promote an app which is not owned by you (the only required thing is that the app must be registered on Facebook);

Full video here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWwytPnPpss

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