Lead Generation

A lead generation campaign is a specific ad type that allows you to target users with a form they can fill out directly on Facebook without leaving off-site to a landing page asking for similar information!

Yay for eliminating friction from the path to conversion! 

It is a great way to generate email lists, subscribers, and naturally: leads! For more info on the lead generation campaign type, feel free to enroll in the Blueprint class from Facebook!


We also love lead ads at AdEspresso and have this Definitive Guide to Lead Ads available for you to read!

 Ready to create your lead ad in AdEspresso? 

Creating A Lead Generation Campaign in AdEspresso

If you wish to create a Lead generation campaign from AdEspresso, click:

  1. "New Campaign"
  2. and then "Lead Generation"


At Step 2: Ads Design you can specify what lead generation form you wish to use for the campaign, or create a new one. To create your lead form on Facebook directly, click here!

Your lead generation campaign can be in one of the following formats:

  • Carousel
  • Image
  • Video

You can specify this at the ads design page. You can also select to automate the task of creating a Custom Audience from the leads generated from your campaign, just check the box!

IMPORTANT NOTE: when you're using the carousel format for Lead Generation campaigns, the maximum number of cards allowed by Facebook is 5 (source: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/new-features-for-lead-ads)



Stuck on "Accept TOS for Lead Ad Campaign"? Just save a draft of your campaign and refresh the page! Check out this Article for more details. 

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