Lead Generation

A lead generation campaign is a specific campaign type introduced by Facebook that allows you to target users with a form they can fill out directly on Facebook without leaving off-site to a landing page asking for similar information!

It is a great way to generate email lists, subscribers, and naturally: leads! For more info on the lead generation campaign type, feel free to enrol in the Blueprint class from Facebook!


Creating A Lead Generation Campaign in AdEspresso

If you wish to create a Lead generation campaign from AdEspresso, click "new campaign" and then "lead generation"!

At Step 2: Ads Design you can specify what lead generation form you wish to use for the campaign, or create a new one. To create your lead form on Facebook directly, click here!

Your lead generation campaign can be in one of the following formats:

  • Carousel
  • Image
  • Video

You can specify this at the ads design page. You can also select to automate the task of creating a Custom Audience from the leads generated from your campaign, just check the box!

IMPORTANT NOTE: when you're using the carousel format for Lead Generation campaigns, the maximum number of cards allowed by Facebook is 5 (source: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/new-features-for-lead-ads)


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