Looking for the creation of a Full-Screen Ad Experience to attract and emotionally engage with the users while they are on mobile? You can now bring it to life with Canvas!


What are Canvas? 

They can be considered as a digital space on to build multimedia stories. Canvas cratives open from Facebook ads in News Feed to reveal a full-screen experience where advertisers can use a mix of video, still images, text and call-to-action buttons to build beautiful and effective brand and product experiences on mobile. Canvas make people moving through digital stories easily and in a enjoyable way. They can swipe through panoramic images and zoom in to view images in detail, making the Canvas experience immersive and engaging in a way that mobile sites aren’t. And Canvas uses the same technology that makes photos and videos load quickly on Facebook, so it loads as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web (source here).

In AdEspresso, you can choose this creative with External Website, Brand Awareness and Mobile App Installs Campaigns.

Creating a campaign with Canvas is as easy as a click!

This feature can be chosen at step 2 of Campaign Creation: you would need to define the image/video, select "Facebook Canvas" button and chose the Canvas you would like to use from the drop down menu:


* Need help creating a Canvas on FB? Check out here.

Please note that Canvas only supports Mobile Placement:


And the game is done :) you can easily go on in your Campaign Creation!

Canvas can also be used to create an AdTemplate that can be used during the Campaign Creation Process. Find out more about Ads Templates here.


Are there any restrictions with Canvas?

Yes, at this time they can't be used with:

  • Carousel Ads;
  • Instagram, Desktop Feed (they are a mobile experience!), Audience Network and Right Column Placement;
  • other campaign's objective different from External Website, Brand Awareness and Mobile App Installs Campaigns;


Eager to know tricks and tips about using Canvas in your Campaign? Have a look at these articles from AdEspresso's blog:





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