Messenger Home


Messenger ads are displayed in the users' home tab when they're using Messenger. With 1.3 billion people around interacting on Messenger every day, they have become crucial in every advertising strategy.

How do Messenger Ads work? When people tap on an ad that appears in their Messenger home tab, they will be sent to the landing page settled during Campaign creation which can be a website or an app.

The process of creating Messenger Ads is overall quite simple, you just need to create your campaign as usual choosing your Campaign type at the Step 1 of Campaign creation.

Messenger Home Placement is available with the following campaign types:

  • External Website
  • Lead Generation
  • Dynamic Product Ad
  • Brand Awareness
  • Local Awareness
  • Mobile App Install 
  • Mobile App Engagement

You only need to choose Messenger Home among the placements available at Step 2:


and check out how your Ad looks in the placement's preview:


... and the game is done!

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